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IRA is basically a savings account that stands for Individual Retirement Account that offers giant tax breaks making it a perfect way to save for your etirement. IRA itself is not an investment; it is just a way of socking up cash by investing money in mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other assets.



  • Unlike some retirement plans such as 401 (k), that are provided by your employer, IRAs are the accounts that you can open on your own. IRAs can be opened by anyone including small business owners and self-employed individuals.

    There are various types of IRAs:

    • Traditional IRA
    • Roth IRA
    • SEP IRA

While planning to open IRA accounts, it is very important to open it with a very reliable and well-established company and amongst all the IRA companies all across the United States, Regal Assets is the number one IRA organization that offers you everything you expect from your IRA account. Let’s have a deeper look into Regal Assets.According to strict IRA rules, everyone cannot take advantages of these IRAs; each individual has to pass some eligibility criteria’s based on their employment status and annual income. Also, there are some limits to the amounts an individual can contribute to his/her IRA account. In short, IRA is the best way of investing money and saving for your future.

Regal Assets

In the United States, there are countless gold IRA Company that buy and sell gold. All of these gold IRA companies have their unique pros and good points but one company that has outshined all of them for past fifty years is Regal Assets. Regal Assets has gained the #1 position in the IRA market with its very committed and enthusiastic department that consists of outstanding specialists in gold IRA transfers and rollovers, several types of retirement accounts including 401(k) plans etc. 


Why Regal Assets?

You cannot just trust a company with all your hard-earned money and life-long savings if someone says that Regal Assets is the best IRA Company. You need to see by yourself. Let’s see some features of Regal Assets that makes it just the best.

Customer Satisfaction is their motive

The motto of Regal Assets is “customer satisfaction”. The company is known to give number one priority to all its customers’ needs. Regal Assets understands the requirements of its customers and their departments of dedicated experts in precious metals are ever ready to help the buyers in every possible way.

Ratings from Business Review Sites and Popular Magazines

The best way to evaluate a company is by going through its reviews in different Business review sites and popular magazines. Let’s see what these sites tell about Regal Assets.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau has been reviewing the services of thousands of companies from every field since 20th century. BBB rates businesses on a scale of A to F. Regal Assets have obtained an A+ from BBB and the saga continues. A+ rating from BBB clearly indicates the trustworthiness of the company.


With TrustLink, customers can post reviews of any organization. Based on hundreds of reviews with regards to customer satisfaction, Regal Assets holds a rating of 4 out of 5 in TrustLink. This excellent rating itself says that Regal Assets is a connoisseur in customer satisfaction.

Business Consumer Alliance

On a scale of F to AAA, Regal Assets is the only IRA Company to have an AAA rating on BCA. The highest rating clearly indicates that Regal Assets is the perfect epitome of IRA companies.

United States Mint

Regal Assets is the official retailer listed with the United States Mint. It clearly says about the excellence of the company in offering quality products.

Inc Magazine

In the United States, Regal Assets is rated #20 by Inc Magazine for financial services. 

What Regal Assets offer?

When Regal Assets is just the best, then why waste time searching others? If you are planning for creating a gold IRA account, rollover the existing one or buying physical precious metals, Regal Assets is what you are looking for. To know more about the options offered by the company, request a free gold investment kit. With the free kit, you will get:

  • Insiders IRA and 401 (k) Rollover guides.
  • The Federal Reserve DVD.
  • Forbes Magazine Investment guide.
  • Special Report on Gold.

With this kit, you will know exactly about all the aspects of gold IRA, pros and cons of creating an IRA account. All this information will help you a lot with your plans to open and manage a gold IRA account.

If you still have any questions, you call Regal Assets anytime and the experts there will answer all your queries and help you with creating your new IRA account, rollover the existing one completely tax-free and penalty-free. 



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